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Malaga Travel Guide 2015

Travel Guide for the City of Malaga

Malaga is hot! As this Spanish city with the highest growth in tourism over the last years, Malaga deserves it’s own practical and fun travel guide, written and designed with todays traveller in mind. So wether you’re visiting Malaga for a short citytrip or as the start of your Andalusia holiday, this colorful and fully illustrated city guide will be your best companion during your stay.

Available at the Málaga Tourist Office

Plaza la Marina, 11, Málaga

Travel Guide Malaga

  • 10 Must see highlights in Malaga
  • 30+ Tourist attractions in Malaga
  • City walk through the centre of Malaga
  • 30+ Restaurants, tapasbars & clubs in Malaga
  • 30+ Hotels, B&B’s and pensions in Malaga
  • Lot’s of insiders tips and fun facts of Malaga
  • Excursions outside of Malaga

Note from the author:

anne-profielfoto-bewerkt-225x300The city of Malaga has so much to offer. The sea and beaches, the sight of the beautiful  ’Axarquia’ hills, countless terraces, shops, restaurants and tapas bars, the sun that shines nearly all the time and the relaxed atmosphere…

All this and so very much more has made me fall hopelessly in love with this proud city.

For a long time, Málaga functioned mainly as an arrival and departure point for the countless visitors to beautiful Andalusia, but now things are changing. Slowly but surely the city is being discovered, and rightly so. Take a few days to explore the city; you won’t regret it.

In this handy guide, you will not find extensive historical descriptions. I kept it clear and contemporary. I want to take you on a voyage of discovery with a single goal in mind. It would be amazing if you visited this city and can say afterwards: ‘She’s right. Málaga is absolutely enchanting’.

What do our readers say?

As a bed and breakfast owner in Spain, with three months of vacation every winter I can tell you : 1) I know how to travel and 2) I know Spain! Usually I don’t get travel-guides, but this TRAVEL GUIDE MALAGA was given to me by a journalist form Elle Netherlands, as she had used it and LOVED it! If you want to really get the most out of you visit to Málaga, than this is by far the best book to buy. Comprehensive, up-to-date, colorful and well written, this guide is perfect for preparing your trip as well as guiding you through the city after arrival. It is small in size and easy to carry around. This guide has made my trip to Malaga more interesting, more knowledgable, and a lot more tasty… Thanx for all the gourmet tips! Ok, I’ll get a travel guide next time when I do a city trip in Spain!

Dany – Valencia

I bought this guide for my first visit to Malaga. Both my wife and I found the book informative and very useful. We especially liked the walking tour of Malaga which took us to places which we would not have found otherwise.
All in all the guide was very good and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Richard – Peterborough, UK

Love it, great insight regarding lovely Malaga with al lot of usefull tips, reviews, city walks and great restaurants and tapas bars.

Patricia – Almayate, Spain

My first impression of the Travel Guide Malaga was, I admit, of disappointment.  How could such a slim volume have everything wanted in a travel guide ?
I am glad to report that after study, I can say that it works very well, indeed , it has made me realise that most guide books are actually padded out with all sorts of things which are of little interest.
I shall definitely be keeping a look out for future publications from Liberty Lab!

Jonathan – Buckingham, UK

Available at the Málaga Tourist Office

Plaza la Marina, 11, Málaga