Beaches of Malaga

Beaches of Malaga

Beaches of Malaga

There is much to enjoy on Malaga’s sixteen beaches.
They extend to a total length of about fifteen kilometres and are divided by the harbour into East and West. The East side is popular with most tourists because it is within walking distance of the city centre.
The city’s beaches are well maintained, clean, fairly  wide, and nearly all of them are awarded with the blue flag. This is an international environmental award, given annually to beaches that are safe and clean.

Some beaches are wider than others, and the sand ranges in colour from light to dark brown. What makes the beaches a real treat is the casual atmosphere and the presence of the many ‘chiringuitos’, where you can sit down for a drink, some tapas, a serving of Malaga’s famous grilled sardines or a simple meal.

Malaga’s Most Famous Beaches on the East Side of Malaga

Beach – La Malagueta
The most famous beach on the East side of Malaga is the city beach ‘La Malagueta’. It is a bustling beach that is easily reachable from the city centre. Walking from the centre, you will come across the gorgeous shopping centre Muelle Uno at the harbour. The beach itself is frequented by both locals and tourists. It is is 2.5 kilometres in length and consists of fine sand.

Beach – La Caleta
This wide beach is right behind the beach of La Malagueta and is slightly less crowded. It has fewer facilities, but it is certainly a fun place to visit. It’s an easy walk down the boulevard.

Beach – Baños del Carmen
If you head a bit further East, you’ll get to the beach of Baños del Carmen. This is a relatively unspoilt and quiet beach, covered with coarse pebbles, gravel and boulders. From here you can catch a glimpse of the now dilapidated resort of Baños del Carmen

Beaches of Pedregalejo and El Palo
Walk further and you will reach Pedregalejo beach. It is five kilometres from the centre but everything is accessible on foot or with a rental bike via the boulevard.
Of course, you can also use public transport to get here. Pedregalejo is best known and appreciated for its low rise buildings, the authentic atmosphere and it’s many language schools. The atmosphere is casual and international. It’s enjoyable to have a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants to be found here.
The same goes for the El Palo district beach which is a bit further along. Here you’ll find the famous open-air seafood restaurant, El Tintero, located right on the beach.

The Most Famous Beaches on the West Side of Malaga

The most famous beaches on the West side are San Andres and La Misericordia. These beaches merge into one another and are local favourites. The beaches are wide, with good facilities including showers, toilets and small restaurants.

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