The sweet, famous wines of Malaga

The famous wine of Malaga

The region around Malaga is known for its predominantly sweet, famous Malaga wines.
These are traditional, fortified wines of the muscatel and Pedro Ximénez grape varieties.
Both grape varieties are white and the colour of the wines range from light yellow to an intense dark brown.

Once harvested, the grapes are slightly sun-dried on mats before being pressed. This way, moisture is extracted from the grape, which gives the wine a more concentrated, sweeter taste.
During fermentation, a reinforcing alcohol is added so that the final wine obtains a higher alcohol content.

The drier Malaga wines are made from grapes that haven’t been left in the sunlight on mats to concentrate their flavour. Go and try them at the famous tapas bar and bodega ‘El Pimpi’ or at the oldest tavern in the city ‘Antigua Casa de Guardia’.

Below you’ll find a few popular varieties. The first three are used both as an aperitif and as dessert wine.
The last two drier varieties are suitable as an aperitif.

Málaga Dulce. Sweet and dark in colour.
Moscatel. Sweet and amber coloured.
Pedro Ximinez. (PX) Sweet and brown coloured.
Parajete. Drier than the previous three and brown coloured.
Añejo Seco. Dry and golden yellow in colour.


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