City Hall Malaga

City Hall Malaga

City Hall Malaga

Malaga has one of the most beautiful city halls in Spain. The huge ‘Ayuntamiento’ was built between 1912 and 1919 and is the work of the famous architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan.
The design is Neo-Baroque. Its floor plan is rectangular with a large patio in the middle. The facade is spectacularly decorated and has a beautiful, triangular pediment embellished with narrative depictions.
The figures at the side of the building represent the sea, fishing and trade.The city hall has three floors and is further embellished with a lavishly decorated balcony, Ionic columns and a clock tower.
The city hall cannot be visited without prior permission, which is a pity because the interior is filled with extraordinary works of art. Fortunately, there is much to be admired on the outside as well.

The Pedro Luis Alonso rose garden, named after the first mayor of Malaga following the Spanish Civil War, is situated behind the city hall. The garden was built in 1945 and is planted with over seventy different species of roses.

Behind the city hall and the Pedro Luis Alonso rose garden are the Jardines de Puerta Oscura.
These gardens were designed in 1937 by the architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan and are located where the city gate ‘Puerta Oscura’ once stood.
These gardens consist of several small terraces planted with cypress trees, date palms, pine trees, bougainvillea and jacarandas.

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