The Feria of Malaga

The feria of Malaga

Holidays Malaga – The Feria of Málaga

In mid-August, the whole city celebrates for a week.
The Feria of Malaga begins on the Friday of the week preceding 19 August. It’s is a truly unbelievable experience.
A seemingly endless number of parades, bullfights, people in costume, horses, flamenco shows and much more. The city is decorated with fairy lights and everything looks simply magical.

By day, people celebrate in different places across the city and in the evening they head in droves to the enormous Feria grounds outside the centre, although there is plenty of night time partying in the city too.
Buses drive back and forth between the centre and the Feria grounds.

In the grounds, you will find a complete funfair and countless small tents that provide the tens of thousands of partygoers with food, drinks and entertainment.

If you want to experience this, make sure that you get a programme of the festival week. Hotels in Malaga are often booked months in advance, so book your accommodation early.

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