Semana Santa in Malaga

Semana Santa in Malaga.
Semana Santa in Malaga
(Holy Week before Easter)

Malaga is famous for its extensive Easter processions. During these march-pasts, in which repentance is an important theme, a large number of different brotherhoods carry huge, heavy floats with them.
These floats, or ‘tronos’ in Spanish, bear complete altars with statues of saints, elaborately decorated with candles and flowers. Some ‘tronos’ are so heavy that they require hundreds of bearers.

There are processions to be admired throughout the whole week and they often continue into the night.
Different processions take place simultaneously in different districts and some last as long as five hours.
You will see the many devout ‘Malagueños’ crossing themselves.
You will hear the music and smell the incense. Balconies are busy with spectators and the streets are crowded with people.

As you can imagine, much preparation goes into staging these events and whether you enjoy them or not, you can’t help but be blown away by their magnificence.
The processions are downright ‘impresionante’ and cannot fail to give you goose bumps at times.
Get hold of a good programme and book your hotel well in advance to avoid disappointment.

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