Things to do in Malaga

Things to do in Malaga Travel Guide

Things to do in Malaga
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The Main Streets and Squares of the Historic Centre

Calle Larios
This elegant street is over a hundred years old, it attracts a lot of attention and is very popular. On both sides you will see the grand historic houses that once belonged to the -crème de la crème- of Málaga. The whole street seems to be built of marble and in the summer white sheets are hung over the pavement to provide pedestrians with some shade. There are endless opportunities for shopping, stopping for a cup of coffee, or for ice cream at the famous ice cream parlour Casa Mira.
Larger businesses stay open until 9.30 pm. Some smaller ones close at 1 pm or 2 pm for the siesta and then reopen at 5 pm.

Plaza de la Constitución
Calle Larios leads into Plaza de la Constitución, situated in the historic heart of the city where you will also find many shops and bars. The square itself is partly paved with metal placards printed with pages from newspaper reports on the adoption of the Spanish Constitution in 1978. Take a good look around here too and be sure not to miss the side street of Pasaje de Chinitas, a charming, narrow passage, renowned and appreciated for its many tapas bars and restaurants.

Calle Granada
Walk from Plaza de la Constitución into Calle Granada. This street with its beautiful house facades, shops and restaurants will lead you to the next wonderful square: Plaza de la Merced.
Calle Granada has plenty of side streets, and it is very easy to get lost here. Just let it happen because it is a very nice area to wander through and it is teeming with shops, bars and restaurants.

Plaza de la Merced
Plaza de la Merced is filled with benches, cafés and terraces, and it is a great place to get something to eat or drink, stop for a chat or just do some people watching, both during the day and at night. The square is spacious and is often used for festivities and other gatherings.
The Obelisk of Torrijos is located at the centre of the square. It was placed here in 1842 to honour the liberal General Torrijos, who made ​​an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the regime of Ferdinand VII. He and his associates were executed on the beach of Málaga in 1831.The birthplace of Picasso is also at Plaza de la Merced and you will find a bronze statue of the artist seated on one of its benches.

Alameda Principal
This wide road is the city’s main thoroughfare. It definitely has a lot of traffic, but it is still pleasant to walk along. The road is beautifully adorned with old trees and the grand historic houses to each side are well worth a look. However, there is another reason to visit the Alameda Principal. This is where you’ll find the famous tavern ‘La Bodega Antigua Casa de Guardia’ (page<OL>) which you really shouldn’t miss. It is the oldest wine bar in the city. Here, they serve the renowned Málaga wines which are displayed behind the bar in large wooden casks.

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